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Whispered Words: The Beginning

Jared here! So this is going to be the first blog post for the newly-minted Whispered Words blog, and to catch everyone up on the whole process, I am going to transfer over the original entries from my personal blog in order of original release. Please keep in mind that I barely have this blogging thing figured out a year later, and if you could think of an easier way to accomplish this than copying and pasting manually, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. Leave me to my folly.

The first post is from 5/1/2013, and goes like this:

I am recording my first album! I will be launching an Indiegogo campaign soon to fund it!

Okay, maybe not EARTH-SHATTERING, but long-overdue, at least.

I have held off of officially announcing this project for a wee bit because I was unsure how the funding was going to all work out, and also unsure about whether this was going to be a small project for posterity, or whether it was going to be My First Album. After spending some time in the studio with my producer/sound engineer/studio musician extraordinaire, I have decided that this will be My First Album.

The aforementioned studio genius is Colin Richet, owner and purveyor of Revelation Studios; Colin’s specialty is taking a basic melody and a voice and turning it into a fully fleshed-out song, produced to whatever level you require, and it has been amazing to hear my music (some of which I wrote back in late high school) taking a shape I never imagined! Colin and I go a ways back. We reconnected in late 2012, and after some deep conversation realized that it is our destiny to work together! I waited while he finished some projects and cleared some space for me, and I am super-pumped about taking this journey with him!

I will be giving updated progress reports on this page as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I have created a band page on Facebook as well for anyone interested to follow and keep up with the project.

 The name of the project (and the band name I have chosen) is Whispered Words. I was leaving work and walking across the street when the thought “I wonder what a good band name would be?” Instantly, “Whispered Words” appeared in my frontal lobe. I gave it some time to sink in (and checked registered band names) and it looks like it is all mine, and it just FEELS right.

The E.P. itself (six songs) will get a title later on.

Despite praying for peace about this, I still can’t get over the scariness of not having all the funds I need to complete the project; but here’s where you can help! I have had many people ask me when I plan to record a CD over the years, and have had a few even tell me they were looking for something to invest in re: my music, so I intend to launch an Indiegogo crowd-funding effort very soon to finance the E.P.! You will be able to donate the amount of your choice, and depending on the amount, you will get certain perks in return, i.e. an advance digital copy of the E.P., a physical copy of the finished CD, your name mentioned in the liner notes, I mow your lawn, a house concert, etc. So when it launches, please consider funding the album- you won’t be sorry! Colin and I are working some magic here!! I am really excited about this, and very nervous as well… being able to put the funding issues to rest and give you nice folks some audible chocolate in return would make me very happy.

Thanks for listening!!


P.S. The cat’s out of the bag now! Here is that particular self-satisfied-looking cat in the studio, seeing his dreams take shape!

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