May 22, 2013 in News

Do you, uh, Indiegogo?

(UPDATE: Of course, the Indiegogo campaign is long over, so no donation is required. This is a repost from my original blog.)

I have just launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding project so I can finish my first studio recording!!

Colin Richet and I have been slaving away in the studio at this (and enjoying ourselves IMMENSELY) for a couple of months now, but it is clear that more funds will be needed to really make sure this is everything it should be. I do not know if there will be any more albums after this one, but the idea is to make sure we do this one right! That means physical media- actual CDs and packaging! I could really use the support of everyone who reads this blog; family, friend, acquaintance, stranger danger, it matters not! 😉

I am posting the link straight to the project here, and will be keeping everyone updated about where we are with our goals and such as the days tick closer to the end of the campaign!

I am so excited to share my music with you- let’s make it happen!! Just click on the project link below, donate a pittance, and please share with as many people as you can!!!

(NOTE: No project link, as campaign is already complete)

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