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As I write this, there are only 29 hours left for you all to donate to the Indiegogo project that is funding the completion of my debut album, under the band name Whispered Words. This album has been a labor of love that has brought new insight to my songwriting, has solidified a fledgling friendship with Colin, my producer, and has been fulfilling me as an artist so much that I cannot express it.

The aforementioned Indiegogo project was a rather vulnerable experiment for me, as I do not have an established fanbase yet, as I do not have any albums yet, and therefore do not have a solid fanbase to guarantee the funding of the first album… it is circular, and depended largely on people giving to an as-yet-unknown entity. I was worried, and scared of the rejection of not having any donations at all!

It made it all the more special, then, when people started to donate. I want to thank those of you who have already donated and encourage anyone else who is willing but has been procrastinating or putting it off to go to the project website below and listen to the songs in the “Gallery” section, and see if you feel you want to still donate to make it happen. As it is, I won’t be recouping any of the production costs, but we are VERY close to covering the cost of getting actual CD’s cut and printed professionally, which was my primary goal.

Please consider giving your support in any number of ways! Post the link to the site on your blog or Facebook page, go to the Facebook band page and “Like” it! Link to this blog from yours! Anything you do is appreciated and is a blessing to me.

Thanks so much!!



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