July 15, 2013 in News

The Contest Completed*

We met our project goal!!!

 Between the Indiegogo project and some direct donations, we now have a fully-funded CD project, with the ability to make full cover art and design and get CDs printed!!! Thanks so much to everyone who donated, and know that I will put the money to use in making a great final product!!! Thanks also to Colin, my illustrious producer and friend, who suggested I try this route in the first place!!

 I had been struggling with the concept of essentially hitting up friends and family for cash ( I still am, a little), but he and My Beautiful Wife encouraged me to not undervalue my art, and realize that y’all will invest in seeing this happen only if you want to!! To relieve my burgeoning guilt, I even left it generally alone for a couple weeks, as I figured I had social-media-bombed everyone quite enough…

 So there it is;  Whispered Words: The Revelation Sessions E.P. is fully funded, and now I can just concentrate on making sure I stay true to the vision Colin and I have for this album.  I will thank you in advance for your patience, as Colin and I are also very particular people where quality is concerned, and are spending a little more time on it than originally planned. I had planned to be able to release the advance digital version to everyone who donated in early July, but the availability of some amazing people to contribute to the recording, as well as some additional sound tweaking made it a no-brainer to take a bit more time and get a better result. I am so excited to have some local talent (Julia Dawn and Chelsea Boyd) to add their vocal depth to my little E.P., and cannot wait to hear how they sound!!

 In the meantime, I will keep everyone updated, but thankfully, no more pleading for cash in relation to the music project…

… I will probably still need bail money, though; I recently ripped the tags off of several pillows and a mattress in my residence.  I am told that is very bad, and that certain authorities may get involved.

 So yeah… bail.




 *Extra bonus points for everyone who knew that was a song title; your reward is an almost hipster-level feeling of smug superiority. For everyone else, don’t even bother looking it up… I’m SO over it already.

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