February 26, 2014 in News, Photo Gallery

Progress on the E.P.


Just an update on the music side of things:

This week, Larry and I are both going into the studio for two days to get some things finished up!! Larry is adding guitar tracks (with his beautiful Takamine) to a couple of the songs that sorely need it, and adding bass tracks to all the songs on the E.P.! Also, we had a breakthrough on the one song that was a tough nut to crack!!

The song Old Letters has always been important to me; without trying to sound overly dramatic, it came to me in a dream, fully formed.  I have always felt that there was something musically missing from it that was holding it back, though. I think we have now figured it out, and I am so excited to share the album version with everyone once the E.P. is released!! The vibe is very different from the first version we recorded, but the melodic foundation has always been solid, so it allows us to fiddle with it sufficiently.  😉

We are truly in the home stretch now!! Colin and Larry and I are finishing up the tracks and then making the last creative decisions as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience everybody!! I know we have been teasing this for almost a year, but we are dedicated to making sure you all only get the best possible version of these songs!

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