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Resurrection Weekend

Hey all!

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you all about an amazing event coming up right away that I am proud to be part of! I have been attending a lovely, warm church since last summer called Hope Fellowship here in Saskatoon, and one of the yearly staples during the season of the Crucifixion is The Hour Has Come; 48 straight hours of worship! During this time, like-minded people with musical talents play (sometimes multiple) 2 hour sets of worship music while anyone attending can worship in their own way, as the church body has set up many different stations for creative expression throughout the sanctuary. There is an outpouring of people’s talents and gifts, prayer and song for two straight days! It starts with Good Friday and culminates with Resurrection Sunday, and the mood is exuberant as everyone in the church body gets together and celebrates the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus!

As for me, I will be worshipping with my voice from 6pm to 8pm on the eve of Good Friday, and my good friend, album producer, and musical cohort Colin will be playing guitar to accompany me- Larry will be out of town, as he is otherwise engaged this weekend.

I would encourage any who want to come out in the spirit of this event to attend! It’s not going to be a Whispered Words concert by any means, but it is near to my heart, as none of my music would exist without the desire to worship Christ with my life and the talents he has given me.

And hey, the more the merrier… Let’s make it rowdy in there, and make lots of joyful noise!

The Hour Has Come starts Good Friday at 12pm and ends on Sunday at 12pm! It is come and go, so whenever your schedule allows, the church will be open the entire time for you to come out and worship!

Hope Fellowship Church is at 809 32nd St W, Saskatoon, SK.

Until next time,


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