May 28, 2014 in News

BIG news on the horizon! Also, adorable cat picture.

So yeah, we are already having a CD release soon, so how big can the news be, really? Well, the answer is: big enough for the likes of us.

I am really excited to share this particular news with y’all, but it is not quite finalized yet, so it will have to wait a wee while longer, aaaaaand you just realized this entire post is a tease. And you’re a little angry. So here is picture of an adorable smiling kitten to take the edge off:


 Theeeere you go. Just let the cuteness happen.

I will update you soon, I promise; very shortly after I know, YOU will know.

Until next time,


P.S. Listening to:

The Afters: Life is Beautiful. Has a 90’s power-pop vibe to it, with a dash of One Republic-ness and some other elements as well. Enjoying it immensely!


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