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Our Special Guest, or: Cat pictures not included.

This is Julia Dawn:


Julia is a local singer/songwriter who hails from Swift Current, SK. She has been a Saskatonian for a few years now, though, and has made herself a part of the vital musical community in our lovely city!

Julia and I met a couple of years ago, and a shared interest in music kept us chatting and keeping up with each other. I got to attend her CD release party, and soon after I saw her do an opening gig for one of my musical heroes! More recently, she has been a regular performer at a local java hut called Coffee’s On, has been officially selected as World Vision artist, and is a large part of the music program at a local church! She’s been busy.

Since becoming acquainted with Julia and her husband, I have enjoyed talking shop with her (and talking cell-phone nerd language with her husband), and when the opportunity arose to record my own album (partly inspired by her recent efforts), I thought “I need to have her on there somewhere!” I approached her, and she graciously agreed to lend her vocals and her time. She also has performed one of the songs from the album with me already!

Reflecting now, the things that have stuck me the most when seeing her perform have been her warmth, her openness, and her almost blistering raw talent! Her voice has incredible power, perfect pitch, and an amazing range! Even when listening to and enjoying her debut album (A Place to Call My Own), I found myself mentally fast-forwarding to what her sound might be like a couple albums down the road, and getting excited to see her grow as an artist! (This is also known as “music-geeking-out”)

So now the CD release time is approaching. Larry and I have solidified Whispered Words as a duo, Julia’s vocals are on the album and complete, and it seemed the next natural step would be to see if she would like to be part of our big night!! She swiftly jumped on board, and we are so fortunate!! One of the only things I enjoy as much as performing my music is watching someone else knock it out of the park, so I am going to be SPOILED come June 14.

And there we have it! Julia Dawn will be playing an opening set on the night of the CD release (June 14 at 7pm at Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon), and wil be staying after to lend her considerable piano talents and BGVs to the rest of the night as well!

If you missed the first link to Julia’s Facebook page, here it is.
Jump over there right away, check out her music and her videos (what’s a “vlog” again?), LIKE her page, and come see her at our big night!


Until next time,


P.S.  No, I DON’T think the leopard-print she is wearing in the above photo violates the new “no cat pictures” site bylaw; besides, she is TOTALLY pulling it off. 😉

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