June 3, 2014 in News

Our Official Coffee Supplier

We now have gourmet coffee to serve at the CD Release!!


As you may know if you have spent any time browsing this site, one of our favorite spots in the city for coffee, a London Fog, or deliciously evil desserts is a place called Moka Coffee Bar, in the Lakewood area of Saskatoon. Larry and I often go there for band meetings, and we have played there three years in a row when we wanted to get up and stretch our legs musically a bit. We really like the vibe there, and the owner, Lynn, is a wonderful supporter of our music! It’s really been great to play a night there every once in a while and pack the place with people, because those people tend to buy coffee while they listen, that coffee tend to be delicious and… everyone wins.  😉

Well, when planning the upcoming CD Release party on June 14 at Hope Fellowship Church, I was thinking it would be nice to serve coffee before the gig and during the breaks. Everybody loves coffee, right? The only problem is, CHURCH COFFEE CAN BE STRAIGHT-UP TERRIBLE. I’ve been to a lot of churches. It’s a fact. 😉

So, I gave Lynn a call today, and she graciously agreed to donate regular and decaf coffee to the CD Release night!! Just so you know who to thank, and so you can go visit her lovely establishment, here is all the info I have about Moka:

Their website

 Their Facebook page

Their amazingly-rated Urban Spoon profile

Twitter (@mokacoffeebar)


The CD Release is shaping up nicely!!

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