Whispered words is the musical collaboration of local Saskatoon musicians Jared Funk (vocals and panache) and Larry Flowers (guitar, vocals and wit), joined frequently for live appearances by the talented Evan Robson (guitar, percussion, vocals, and an easy laugh).

What started as a musical relationship between Jared and Larry bloomed into a lasting friendship and partnership. They have been playing together since the early 2000s; united by a love of authentic, passionate music and their desire to make their own! After a long time playing in varied settings (church, private functions, coffee shops) Whispered Words released a gospel E.P. in 2014 titled The Revelation Sessions in honor of the studio where it was recorded and the journey the songs evoke.

Recently, Whispered Words (now sporting a third member, Evan Robson- a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and jack-of-all-trades) has been going back to basics and just playing songs they love from many musical eras and genres. The guys have a simple theory; if it’s well written, it can stand up to being stripped back, stripped down, and performed with passion. This has led them perform songs from a wide variety of artists; ranging from Johnny Cash to Joe Cocker, David Guetta to Radiohead, and many more.



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