Jared Funk has been writing music since he was 16 years old. He has actually been performing his music since he was about 24, getting his start singing at coffee house gigs with Larry Flowers and other local Saskatoon, SK musicians. Larry and Jared became fast friends, bonding over a common love of music well-played and well-written. They developed a shorthand musical style and rhythm, and grew more sympatico with time spent playing and singing around Saskatoon’s vibrant church and music community.
With Larry’s guidance and musical experience to draw on, Jared kept writing; developing his sound and drawing from his triumphs, failures and faith. Taking the name Whispered Words (for the still, small voice of God which is the inspiration at the root of all their music), they recorded their first album at Revelation Studios with producer/sound engineer/visionary Colin Richet (of award-winning Canadian alt-rock outfit Stereotrap). The result of that time is The Revelation Sessions EP! This EP is a split between their more recent material and songs that Jared wrote back in 1996-97, and evokes a journey through the nature of undeserved grace, faith, and all the messy human stuff in between.



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